Finally Fitting It All Together

It was when I was totally dumbfounded by why Obama would hate America so much that the truth came to me.

My Comment—- I think Democrats don’t care about truth in government anymore. All they care about is defeating/winning against Republicans/Conservatives/Independents. That is their game. Anything that “puts the “others” in their place” is what they want. Democrats think of themselves as better than anyone else and therefore should have their way no matter what.

The Answer—Shelly, you just accurately summarized the Progressive left mindset and strategy of the last 40 years. In the 1960’s, the Socialist/Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse, began to assure the Left that they so exclusively possessed truth and virtue that they need not be tolerant of persons with more moderate views. Then in the early 70’s, Saul Alinsky, in his “Rules For Radicals”, began to exhort the Left to “divide and demonize”, “personalize and polarize” ridicule, and proceed as if all the angels were on the side of the left and all the demons were on the side of Republicans. Then the faculties of universities, and schools of Journalism and Education were taken over by professors who regarded their role as activists, and who began to encourage their students shout down and hold in contempt any students or speakers with more moderate views. Now we have the country which you so accurately describe: a country in which the identity group politics of the Left is willing to inflame the resentment within “their” identity groups toward “oppressor” groups (the rest of us) and achieve a cynical electoral success in a divided country. Resentment and division are not just the unfortunate results, they are a cherished part of this sad Saul Alinsky strategy of the Left.   John McDermott M.D.

So my education began. I had never heard of this Saul Alinsky. But, I began to educate myself. It was very eye opening. And now it is my desire to open as many eyes as I can to this Progressive Left Strategy. If the Conservative people of America are to make any forward motion we MUST STRIKE WITH AN EQUAL FORCE AS THOSE WHO STRIKE AGAINST US. We are 40 years late, so we must start today.


About truthseeker1354

Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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