Why does Obama want to change America?

Why does Obama want to change America? Is there another country that we should look at that has lessons to teach us? What does he mean when he says “fundamentally change America?” Shouldn’t this be spelled out for us so that we know what that means and if we agree with it?

People who visit our country are amazed. Most people would love to live here. That is why we have problems with so many people flooding our borders. People here can get an education in anything they want. They can be employed anywhere. A citizen can work for the government. They can make a lot of money or do something to help people. There is health care for everyone. Clean water. Fresh food. A place to live. All these things and more. And with an education, everything is open to you.

So what is wrong with America in Obama’s mind? He thinks that America has too much. He thinks we have more than our share. He thinks that is why the rest of the world is poor and failing. America takes it all. America sucks the world dry. America is rich while the rest of the world is poor and that is not fair.

Let’s look at that.    Do we go over to other countries and steal their food? No. Do we take their water? No. In fact, America is usually the first country to help when there is an earthquake, or a typhoon, or other disaster. We rush food, water, shelter and doctors to help, and stay there until the people are on their feet again, and usually longer.

Do we take job opportunities away from other countries? No.  In fact, we have given many American jobs to other countries which has boosted their economies and taken jobs away from our people.

What about oil? Yes, we buy oil from the Middle East, but do we steal it or pay unfair prices for it? No.  We pay fair prices for it and trade and do business that profits all countries with our trading.

OK, America has a lot. It is a rich country. We have not achieved this wealth by doing evil or waging war on others. Our citizens have worked hard, been inventive, and developed goods that have brought us wealth. And, we have shared our wealth with others. No one can say we have not.

So, Obama!! Where is our sin? Why do we need to change? What is so bad about us that you need to change us?

You have gotten rich in America. You got educated in America! You got to be President of the United States of America. You have had BIG power for the past 8 years. What have You done for your country??? You have been more of a dictator than a President with your “phone and pen” by-passing the people who voted you into office to do what YOU want instead of the will of the PEOPLE. Remember? You are a servant to the PEOPLE. That is what a PRESIDENT is.

Maybe you would like to live in another country? Take your little girls to other lands of opportunity where they can grow up and get good jobs? Hummmm. No?


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Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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