The First Black President

We had high hopes. Just goes to prove that if you rush things, or put them into place for the wrong reasons you will be disappointed.

Broco-bama is not the man I thought he was. Actually, he is worse than I thought he was. He has caused more hateful division in our country than I have EVER seen in my lifetime. I lived thru the 60’s crap and I didn’t think that was possible. He could have made a BIG difference in helping and healing black and white relationships in this country. His goal was to “fundamentally change America” and he certainly has.

Blacks and whites hate each other more now than in the past 20 years.

Cops and anarchists are killing each other more than ever.

Black on black crime has exploded.

The government now has it’s finger in medical care and insurance.

The government now takes care of more people than it ever has instead of less.

The President has thumbed his nose at the checks and balances put in place by our founding fathers and gone around them with this “pen and phone” to get what he wants.

Democrats and Republicans cannot reach consensus on anything and have forgotten how to compromise and get along.

Debit continues to rise, and there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency to curb it with the current President.

This President is arrogant, selfish, a liar, secretive, ignorant, has been bought, has no sense of right and wrong, has not self respect, and encourages others to live by his low standards. Not only that, he and his family hate America. He thinks America should suffer for the success it has enjoyed, and he wants to be part of bringing that about. He has turned his back on our allies and treated them disrespectfully. He has treated our enemies like they are friends, and they can be trusted. As they shout death to America, he shakes hands and smiles.

Not only does HE do these things, but he put in office people who do these things and more. They deceive the American people by separating out those they don’t agree with and causing them grief in due process. They have slowed the process of getting medical care for war veterans to the point they DIE before they can get in to see a doctor to help them. The President has allowed his cronies in high office to disobey the law at their discretion; destroy evidence when asked by others to review their activities; lied about evidence and government property; put America in danger by not handling government communications with care;  refused to punish or insist on cooperation from those who are being investigated for wrong doing; covered up negligence of the Secretary of State, Head of the IRS, and VA; failed to negotiate freedom for our citizens held captive in enemy territory; traded a deserter for 5 dangerous enemies; failed to keep track of how money is spent and in not doing so, money has been squandered on whores, booze, and many other shameful things while on government time; and he still has many months left to wile away his time and our money at our expense.

Democrats, when asked about these things say well Nixon…or Bush….or Tony the Tiger….which may or may not be true. We cannot do anything about 10-20-50 years ago. We CAN do something to change things NOW.

Our President, Congress, Senators, and every official, elected or appointed, should be held to a high standard of honesty, trustworthiness, and accountability. When we do not expect this of them we are sure to be corrupt.

Citizens have a responsibility too. They MUST be informed. They must make every effort to know their representatives, register to vote, vote with intelligence, and be willing to be a responsible citizen, by doing jury duty, and other things when asked.

I fear it is too late. Obama, ValJer, and Soros may have accomplished their goal. America may have fallen too far to be saved. Our citizens are feeling tired and hopeless. It will take a superperson to save us.


About truthseeker1354

Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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