The Dugger Haters

Yes, the Duggers’ have fallen from grace. Everyone found out that they are not perfect. Out of 19 kids you would think most people would KNOW that at least one of the kids has been in trouble. It is awful that Josh did the things he did. He should have known better. His parents expressed shock. And, now he knows the sorrow and shame he has brought upon his whole family. That will be difficult to live with even knowing that God is forgiving, and your family is too.

Now I have not heard the details of this charge against Josh. But does that mean he is a monster and cannot be forgiven, esp when he is remorseful and repentant? What would he need to do to be forgiven and in grace again?

The media has had a feeding frenzy with this news. It’s amazing how much attention this has gotten in such a short period of time. How quick everyone is to point a finger and condemn the whole family. I never watched the show much, but I don’t think I ever heard them be nasty to anyone in particular. They probably stood up for Christian values, but I would find it hard to believe they took a holier than thou stand. Maybe I’m wrong, but I never heard it or read about it. So now they are fed to the sharks because they try to live by a higher standard but sometimes fail to reach that goal?

This is the hostility that Christians face. Those who do not live by God’s standards don’t want to be reminded that there are people who try to do so. They do watch very carefully those who call themselves Christians, and when they fail, as they will, because no one is perfect, they are ready to pounce and feed. The biggest hurt for me is I see my children standing in line with those who are throwing the stones. Instead of supporting and praying, they are shouting and pointing fingers. I see them in the crowds that will turn their families in, betray their relatives that the Bible says of the end times. I could never see how that could happen, but I do now. I guess we better watch out step….


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