I am fed up and angry with our leaders. They don’t know how to compromise. They don’t know how to lead. They pick a side and will not change their mind because it would look weak. They want things the way THEY want it and it becomes a tug of war of power. It seems they don’t even think of the people who elected them. Our leaders are up there in a special club that has lots of perks that have nothing to do with the real world. They are out of touch with what is best for America.

Obama says he wants to “fundamentally change America”. America could use some tweeking, but it does NOT need the changes we are having forced on us by leaders who think they know what is best for us. Our country is the envy of the world. Everyone would like to live here, as evidenced by the immigrants pouring in. Everyone has a chance to make good here, IF they try. We treat our prisoners and murders like kings and queens and require NOTHING from them but to be taken care of. Remember chain gangs? Put ’em to work. Those who do not work, don’t eat. Even the handicapped can do some things. Let them work. It’s good for everyone to have something to do each day. I digress.

There is no reason for our leaders (and the Democrats) to boycott our ally Israel. Bibi is our friend (at least that is what they are saying…not doing) and deserves our consideration. Obama was not even polite to him. Did we really elect a man who has no manners or concern for others? If protocol was not followed, OK, but why take it out on our guest? Our Pres. seems to be a petulant child who gets mad at a mate when they don’t say “red rover, red rover, let Bibi come over”. Shameful is what it is. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my leaders.


About truthseeker1354

Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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