I am a clutter-bug. I have always found it hard to get rid of things. Esp things that have a sentimental meaning.

I’ve had to come up with some seriously convincing self talk to begin to downsize. These are some of my tactics. Throwing out something that does not fit me or isn’t suitable now is giving someone else the opportunity to enjoy it. And, just because I give this away doesn’t mean I don’t love the person who gave it to me. And, I am not actually throwing out the other person, just an object that is no longer connected to them anymore.

I think if I didn’t remember where all my stuff came from it would be sooo much easier! The bigger question is why I remember these kinds of things and not important phone numbers or math?

I have had a yearning to declutter for a long time, but I get so overwhelmed when I start that I just think of something else and never get to any of it. I downloaded a book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, by Marie Kondo. I have not finished the book, but she gave me a place to start that made sense to me. It is called getting rid of stuff. She suggests you keep only things that give you joy. When you pick it up or look at it, or wear it, if it gives you joy, keep it. If it does not, then thank it for the joy it once gave you and give it to someone who can feel that joy. For some reason, this lit a fire under me. It’s like I have been given permission to let go.

I started my closet several months ago, and just ran out of steam b/c I got overwhelmed. Is this the way I want it to look? What if I don’t like it when I finish? What I did was talk myself out of it. I am older and out of shape too. It takes me longer to accomplish things and that gets me down. But Marie Kondo says there is peace and satisfaction out of tidying, and I want that peace. I do admit, after giving quite a bit of stuff away, the things that give me joy are popping out and not hidden under clutter and dust. It’s kinda like feeling better after you’ve been sick for a while.

So, here I go….making steps (baby steps) toward a more peaceful life. Full steam ahead!!


About truthseeker1354

Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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