Cambridge Rose Point Crystal

Rose Point was the crystal my Mother chose when she married. It is a very beautiful pattern and I always marveled when we used it, which was almost never.

Mom and Dad were common people. For them to register for anything was pretty surprising. Therefore, it was not surprising when they only got a few pieces of the crystal. It made the pieces very special, and to me it symbolized something fancy in the plain and simple lives of every day people.

I have a few of their pieces. I probably use them more than Mom and Dad ever did. I’ve seen additional pieces for sale at various antique stores and am surprised at the cost. I was looking on eBay tonight at the pieces that are available for sale. I thought it might be meaningful to purchase a few pieces to split between my children when I am finished with them.

There is a little ache in my heart when I look at the creamer and sugar, and the toasting glasses they have of the crystal. It reminds me that Mom and Dad were once young and full of dreams. They had visions of what life would be like for them. They had plans for using that Rose Point crystal, and getting other pieces to complete their pattern. But life actually ended up as Melamine for them…and they never complained. They were OK with that. We had a lot more than some, and much less than others.

Having a complete set isn’t what is important in the long run. But, it is nice to have some pieces that remind us of the fine life. That add a little sparkle at holidays and special times. And to pass down to your family to remind them a few nice pieces are all you really need.


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Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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