Cabin Magic

I am so excited to go to our new cabin.

The neat thing about a cabin is it can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a magical place that has it’s own time and place. You have to be practical in your real world house, but that is not true with your cabin.

I have been dreaming about what I want it to be. Rustic for sure, but with a few touches of sophistication, and a little gypsy too.

I want the bathroom to have clay tile with the lovely Spanish colors. The sink to have a dresser as a base and maybe a Mexican sink in it. I already have tile to put around the wall as accents.

In the kitchen, I have the copper tubing to make a pot hanger to go over the range. I want a pot rack over the kitchen sink where the dishes can be put right up and away after washing. I would like to make this, but am unsure how to start. I am working it out in my head and hope I can get to it over winter. I have always LOVED the delft blue dishes of all kinds. I saw a collection of them on Pinterest and thought, finally, I have permission to get all kinds and patterns and use them together. They are expensive, even in second hand stores, so I’ve had to compromise, but I didn’t buy anything I didn’t love. Plates are collected, now I am doing a few more bowls and cups. I have also assembled some kitchen supplies, and will take some of mine from home too.

The bedrooms upstairs have been fun to plan for. I want a fun visual place that is uncluttered, but personal and cozy. I would like clean bright colors with some warm, snuggle-y bed linens and blankets. The room with the twin beds will likely be where the grandkids will sleep. I got a printers drawer and have been collecting tiny things to put in it. I want it to be a fun and fanciful play toy for them. I want to put it down low on their level so they can get at it easy. When I was little, my grandmother Lacy did not have special toys for us to play with at her house. That seems strange now, but didn’t then. We played with some of her decorative items…glass poodles in different poses, a green model car, and things like that, that were not toys. It was so special to us, and strangely more fun. I do want some dolls and clothes for Lydia and cars and dump trucks for Trevor.

At the cabin in Spar, we had a little homemade kitchen made up of boxes nailed to trees and discarded pots and pans. We had so much fun under the trees mixing pine cones, dirt and water. The fact that the pots and pans were “real” was special too. Having to “make believe” puts a whole different dimension that kids don’t have today. Imagination, it’s called. I want that for Lydia and Trevor. I know I can’t make this happen, but I can make it available to them.

We do not really have a place to eat, so it will need to be shared with the living room. I saw the perfect picture of what I would like to create. A church pew that will hold at least 4-5 people and a long farm table that is not too wide. I want to put some cozy cushions on the pew and chairs and we can all belly up to the table and have fun eating together. It will also be the place were cards and games are played. I can just hear the laughter as the fire crackles away. We also have a tall bistro set with stools that would work great for puzzles.

The living room will have to accommodate a TV too. So the furniture arrangement will be a little tricky but I have some ideas. It will need some new lighting, and a new ceiling fan. We need to clean the stone fireplace but I think we can get it looking nice and a fine piece of log for a mantle will be beautiful. Hope that is not too expensive.

More to come….clapping hands. ; )


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Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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