Misty Copeland, Ballet, and Presumption

I don’t know if you’ve seen the recent Under Armor ad with Misty Copeland. If not, rush to see it. It’s ama-zing!

I am a 60+ woman. I remember taking ballet when I was young. Most young girls fall in love with the grace and beauty of ballet. And, of course, they want to ride Black Beauty across the green field too. It’s the stuff of girl-dom.

But ballet is special. I remember working out to get my body limber enough to do the moves. I wanted that beauty, that grace, that fairy-like strut that showed confidence and made you look as if you were “above it all”.

Back to Misty. She is beautiful. She is a beautiful ballerina. She is a beautiful black ballerina. She is ama-zing. I am just wondering WHY would ballet ever be considered just a white girls game. If a child has talent and drive, WHY would she not be considered because of her color?

With my age and all, I grew up in racially tense times. I’ve been through the “I’ve got a dream” times. And I still don’t get how people can exclude others because of color, intelligence, or any other characteristic. It is woefully presumptuous to interfere where God has ordained a talent.

Misty is incredibly gifted. And when a person is given an exceptional gift of talent like that, who are we mear mortals to say she is not to be considered because of her color?

It does make me wonder, when another person steps in to make a judgement of this nature, who and what has not been realized because of a preconceived idea of how it “should be”.


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Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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