Still hanging in there…

The cabin negotiations are still hanging in there. Tom is preparing a bid today. We are actually waiting for the roofers to come and make an estimate on how much to fix the leak and finish the roof in like kind. The offer will be 121k, fix roof leak, see to septic, furniture, close cabin for winter, and he can close when he wants. I am thrilled we are still in the game, and I really hope we get it…if it’s God’s will. It feels right, but that is not always a sure thing.

I’ve begun to build a “hope chest” of things for “a” cabin. I am starting a quilt throw with cabiny things on it, and I have started a collection of pictures to put up in the bedrms upstairs. Yeah, you are right. I am thinking of the forest cabin.

I talked to Zac last night. He was unaware that we were still negotiating on the cabin. He seemed pleased and curious to see it now. I gave him the instructions on how to get there if he wanted to go see it.

Abe asked Cassie for a divorce a month ago, and she has been living with us since then. We were all flabbergasted and caught off guard. I never thot he would be so cold. She has her up and down days. The other night was a very bad time. She was moving her belongings out and had a real meltdown. Who can blame her? She was “kicked out of her life” according to a friend…I can’t think of a better description than that. Her friends came over and did all the moving for her. Two brought trucks and it was done in about 3 hrs. Those are HARD WORKING FRIENDS!!


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