I FOUND it!!!

I found my dream cabin. I can’t believe it. I am sooo excited. I have ideas about how I/we will improve it, and make it a darling cabin in the woods. We brainstormed names for the cabin today. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

It’s just the right size, 1500+ square feet. It has a downstairs bedroom with the bath right next to it. It’s plenty big enough for a king bed. It has 2 small, but nice sized bedrooms upstairs for company. It is sturdy and has great bones. The floors are wood and just need sanding staining and a protective coat to look beautiful. It has a large floor to ceiling stone fireplace with a stately buck head. A REAL lodge look. The kitchen is just the right size and has fab potential. The bathroom needs work, but it has a flush toilet, which makes me very happy. A new forced air heating unit was put in this year. It also has a cute old fashioned potbelly stove in the living room along with the fireplace.

Oh, and Sasquatch has been seen around there. Along with mountain lions, bears, and other scary carnivores. More later!!! ; )


About truthseeker1354

Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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