What the hell is that?

My daughter’s heart is breaking because of it. She has been asked for a divorce by her second husband. I always thought he was a pretty nice guy. Not a Christian, but I prayed and hoped. They have gone thru tough times…like everyone does. He’s decided he’s not happy, nor in love with her anymore. This comes after telling her to leave her good job and pursue a change of career she wanted. He said he was excited for her and had her back…just like she had his 2 yrs ago when he quit his job and took a different path. Then he went to Mexico about 10 days ago, and comes back saying he wants to move there. What????? Where did this come from? Unknown. What happened to her new career and having her back? Unknown. This week, which happens to be her birthday,  he asked her for a divorce. No second chance to make changes, to make things right. And, actually, no reason for this sudden about face.


A friend told her it was like being kicked out of her own life. That is a pretty complete picture.

They had problems, yeah. They had areas they did find a center on. But don’t you accept it and move on. You do your best to live with a flawed human being, knowing you are one too.

I think there are people who just don’t have much tolerance for life without their way. That and happiness. Which is what? Please explain what that is? Is it a blessed state of forever after? Or is it a passing thing that is difficult to hold on to, and ever out of reach? I am convinced it is the latter.

So, when people go searching for this happiness thing, do they ever succeed? Is a person, place, or thing able to bring happiness? Or is it found inside? In a soul, a heart, a mind?

Maybe instead of happiness, one should search for a satisfaction. Or a small contentment. Or a smile. A laugh shared?

Or, a thankfulness???


About truthseeker1354

Dreamer. Lover of all things creative and clever. Seaching for truth. I was lost and now I'm found.
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